As the digital revolution continues, printed media is becoming less relevant, no longer the most effective means to communicate news, facts, entertain or educate. Print is considered old information by the time it is delivered. My work re-introduces print and its value in the digital age. Printed media may seem antiquated, but it is not dead.

I rescue discarded and outdated print materials including textbooks, album covers and magazines to construct my geometric abstract collages. I extract various characters, text and illustrations from their original context and recombine them, creating new meaning by way of their interactions. Through this process I weave a playful non-linear narrative into my compositions. I'm interested in creating relationships between shape and color while encouraging free associative textual meaning.

Exploring possibilities with color and form is customarily the starting point for my collage work. The selection process of materials is often in response to life experiences, both as a child and adult. These memories often get restructured, evolving each time, revealing and concealing in a spirited, whimsical way. It's through this act of recycling, both memory and material, that allows for renewal to happen.